Supply Chain Update


1. What is the status of Allegro’s Supply Chain? 

We appreciate that the continuity of supply remains of paramount importance to our customers. After the Asian semiconductor supply disruptions in March and April we are in well into our recovery phase with operations at or approaching 100% at all our factories as well as our manufacturing partners in the region.  Our shipping and logistics channels are all operational.

2. How are the current Asian government restrictions affecting Allegro’s Production? 

The government in the Philippines announced a General Community Quarantine (GCQ) through 31 January 2021 in Metro Manila and surrounding areas which is where our main factory, Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. (AMPI) is located. The GCQ is less stringent regarding businesses and transportation than the previously issued Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ).  Our Philippines factory continues to operate under necessary safety precautions and expects little to no impact as a result of the GCQ.

The government in Malaysia announced a recovery movement control order (RMCO) across Malaysia through 31 March 2021. This order will limit domestic and international travel. On 14 January 2021 through 26 January 2021 the government in Malaysia instituted a movement control order (MCO) for districts with higher prevalence of COVID-19 cases. Our main sub cons are not in areas under the strict MCO. Under the RMCO, our suppliers are considered essential business and continue to operate under necessary safety precautions. 

3. What is the status of Allegro's United States Locations?

Stay at home orders were instituted by local governments in multiple U.S. states, including New Hampshire (NH) and Massachusetts (MA). We will continue to abide to local government orders. We have a robust infrastructure in place to maintain normal levels of productivity virtually through the end of these local stay at home orders. In addition, our United States office locations continue to operate and remain open during these time periods for essential employees and test functions as a part of the critical manufacturing sector.

4. Who should I contact with questions on my orders? 

Direct your queries to your local sales contact as normal. We are prepared to support our customers and answer any specific questions that may arise.  Although our confidence has increased on meeting scheduled dates for our adjusted backlog the risk of additional government-imposed restrictions/extensions or other unexpected changes at one of our facilities or partners remains. Clear visibility on priority orders is of upmost importance during these times. We appreciate your patience and continued support.

Above all, we continue to comply with government regulations and prioritize the safety and well-being of all our employees. This is an evolving, dynamic situation, and while we will strive to keep you informed, we appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time.