Jump start your 2-wheeler design with Allegro's robust and reliable solutions.

Create Robust and Reliable Solutions For Your ICE Motorcycle and Scooter Systems

The world is demanding better air quality, fuel efficiency and vehicle safety. This means you're designing more electronic controls for engine, transmission and wheel speed in two- and three-wheeled vehicles.

Control of these systems requires robust magnetic sensors and targets that can operate reliably in harsh environments. Our magnetic speed sensors ease compliance with safety (ABS) and combustion engine efficiency mandates.

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Give Your e-Bike a Boost

Accelerate your time to market with Allegro’s cost reflective, easy to use highly integrated solutions that covers your need for charging, motor control and position and speed detection. 

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Improve Your Electrified Power Designs

Driven by innovation and long history servicing the motorized vehicles markets, Allegro offer state of the art sensors, motor drivers and power solutions that help you take your design to the next level in terms of efficiency, size, reliability and robustness.

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Allegro's rich experience in motorized vehicles spans over 20 years. Today we continue to supply high quality and innovative products that will not disappoint under the harshest environments and most complicated design requirements.